Transylvania in the summer will host the Sustainable Gastronomic Tourism, the European Region of Gastronomy in Sibiu

Slow food Turda, Babes-Bolyai University, on the 23rd of May will host a conference in Cluj regarding good practices in gastronomic Tourism in Transylvania.

Copsa Mare and Copsamare Guesthouses are following  closely this debate. It will help the villagers  and its touristic activities, in developing a sustainable food supply chain.

The increasing demand for local products, the need to have gastronomic tradition and innovation and products produced locally -of the higher possible standard – are creating a very positive and productive debate. People involved in producing food, hosting tourists -in Copsa Mare and in the Transylvania region- have gathered in Copsamare Guesthouses to discuss on what should be the best and future practices.

The meeting  organized by  Colinele Transilvaniei has addressed precisely these issues. A new meeting has already being agreed. A new agenda is on the making….in which food, recipes, authorization for local producers, and family grown vegetables are at its heart.

It remains our objective to cooperate with local producers, to serve local food of the highest quality, and promote  the local gastronomic economy.

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