Resilience of tradition, people and values: food, architecture, friends and new friends

Transylvanian Local products

In 2016, we suddenly started noticing how the value of local and traditional products began increasing both for the producer and the consumer. There was an increase in sophisticated supermarkets and natural stores. Throughout our shopping, we picked up a locally made Zacusca (an eggplant and roasted pepper spread) which was simply delicious. We were surprised to find on sale the products that we had discovered in the early years 2000 when we arrived in Transylvania.

In an effort to meet other entrepreneurs with a similar appreciation for Transylvania, we reached out to the zacusca producer, Razvan. We were curious to understand more about what he was doing and creating. After arriving in Idicel, throughout the conversation, we realized he knew of our efforts to preserve the local architecture and we learned he held incredible knowledge over local food traditions.

We were captivated by each other’s passion to maintain and uplift the local tradition and culture.

His Genius Loci was absolut. Its product made sense and it fully interpreted the history, the taste, and the flavors of this area. It was a fantastic journey that allowed us to understand the existing thread between tradition and modernity

Our paths continued to cross over the years, but most recently at the beginning of 2022 we spoke about his new goal of raising funds for Ukrainians that had to flee. We ourselves, had a Ukrainian family join us in Copsa Mare. It is a constant reminder of the current struggles, but also of the incredible resilience of these individuals. It was no surprise to us that Razvan was dedicating his time to tackling this issue.

His products, chocolate and zacusca, are now being sold in the Copsamare Guesthouses for the sole purpose of collecting funds to help all Ukrainians that have landed in Transylvania. We are inspired by Razvan. He is molding traditions with a touch of modernity without loosing their original naïveté. We feel we are driven by the same spirit and we like to think of him as a friend.

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