23 Jun

After 30 years the clock of the Copsa Mare bell tower is ticking again

Thanks to the cooperation of locals, NGOs , the Saxon Community, and Copsa Mare Guesthouses the clock of the Copsa Mare Biserica Fortificata is ticking again. Even though it took 30 years, it shows how far Transylvania has come since than

18 May

Transylvania by horse, bike, and foot…mapped in the Colinele Transilvaniei charts and hosted in Copsamareguesthouses

Transylvania with its 200 kilometers of trails hosts a large number of adventurous horse riders, bikers, and walking fans. It’s biodiversity, it’s meadows and it’s tranquillity have been captured in trails maps of Colinele Transylvanie. The “Hanul” of Copsamareguesthouse provides a safe night retreat for bikers and horse riders.

1 May

Transylvania in the summer will host the Sustainable Gastronomic Tourism, the European Region of Gastronomy in Sibiu

Colinele Transilvaniei, Copsamare Guesthouses, Slow food and the European Region of Gastronomy event in Sibiu, all contributes to the debate of increasing the volume and the impacts of the local producers. Food, tourism, tradition and Transylvanian recipes are at the center of a debate that enriches our touristic activity and improves the quality of CopsamareGueshouses hosting activities