Horse rider guests enjoy Copsa Mare Transylvanian traditional hospitality

With the beginning of spring, the melting of the snow the first group of Horse riders, entered Copsa Mare, after a beautiful ride 11 km long from Apos.

Their ride  to Copsa Mare was full of surprises, with incredible nature and beautiful scenery.

The organizer and guide, Mihai Barbu from “Villa Abbatis”, stated:  In Europe , it is very rare to ride without crossing roads, or to be restricted by fences. To be in incredibly silent forests full of wild animals, it is truly breathtaking.

Copsamare Guesthouses hosted the first group for dinner and for the night. The horses where received in the new “Hanul”.

A charming new Copsa Mare Guesthouses “ hotel for horses”  where they can be stationed, cleaned, fed and washed, and rested for the night

The presence of horse riders in the village, the integrated approach between tourism, local tradition and village life, is a hopeful sign for this incredible, beautiful and unknown region.

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