Crowdfunding in Copsa Mare: the restoration of the Orthodox Capella

Chapel Restauration Copsamare

Over the past 14 years, Copsa Mare has been renewing, re-discovering, and re-inventing itself. This has only been possible thanks to the constant efforts of many locals, Associations, the Primaria, Copsamare Guesthouses guests, and many more.

Starting in 2010, Copsamare Guesthouses led essential crowdfunding efforts that would be used to restructure the building adjacent to the Orthodox Church. The funds collected were actually used to rebuild, fix, and recreate a beautiful building that had lost its shine over the last two decades. The final touches on the building were made possible thanks to a final push of generous donors in 2021.

The outside of the building was plastered, painted, and it has been finalized just before springs blooms.

This building, together with the Orthodox Church, is located in the main square of the village, where locals congregate every Sunday. Surrounded by the Transylvanian hills, the newly restructured building is a true representation of an ever-growing culturally rich village. This building is now used primarily by Father Bica for agricultural purposes. He makes honey, hosts a few goats, and most of all gives the main square of the village a sense of life.

It has been incredibly rewarding to see a variety of individuals and groups come together to invest in a common passion. The love and care shown by all those who pass through Copsa Mare can now be directly seen through the newly restructured building. A big and warm thanks to all of those who contributed to this effort along these years! And for those who are looking to get involved, keep an eye out for the next opportunity.

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