After 30 years the clock of the Copsa Mare bell tower is ticking again

The Biserica Fortificata has been asleep or the past 30 years. The clock has not been wound and unwound since 1989. As of June 2019 you can hear the bell ring , through the noise of the village life, to mark every hour of the day.

Private individuals, NGOs, Colinele Transilvaniei, Copsa Mare Guesthouses, Saxon community, all came together with different and interconnected objectives improving all sorts of aspect of Copsa Mare life.

We have witnessing and increased participation of the locals in determining the future of their village. Everyone has worked together in redesigning the green areas, building trails in the forest, building and restoring houses, renovating the roof of the Biserica Fortificata, and finally winding up the clock.

Cooperation in Copsa Mare has brought sustainable tourism, bikers, horse riders, local food producers, and beautiful blend of cultures and traditions.

The State the local Primarie and the private individuals have worked together to create a new link between their history and their future. A welcome change in Transylvania

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