Transylvania by horse, bike, and foot…mapped in the Colinele Transilvaniei charts and hosted in Copsamareguesthouses

Thanks to their lack of fences, and even fewer roads, the Transylvanian meadows remain one of the most beautiful and  untouched rural area in Europe.  The large number of hectares of virgin forest, with a unique biodiversity, are attracting an increasing number of tourists.

Colinele Transilvaniei has published a map that traces all the major routes and trails discovered to this day. These trails are perfect for horse riders, bikers, and/or hikers. This map can be found in most of the hotels, touristic information centers and City Halls.  Additionally, it has also been placed at the entrance point of many villages, providing a useful guide for those visiting the area.

This map offers trailers that connect villages through diverse landscapes. The average distance between villages is around 8/10 km, making the trails simple and relaxing. The new trails have been designed and carefully cured by local labour and the volontari co-participation of local NGOs. This has done an exceptional job of integrating locals with the emerging tourist population.

The new ‘Hanul house’ built by Copsamare Guesthouse emerged with the purpose to be able to host both guest and their horses. With ample paddocks and rooms to store gear, it is exceptionally equipped to offer the perfect Transylvanian experience.

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