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Activities in Copsa Mare

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While staying in Copsa Mare, you can enjoy:

  • Visits to fortified churches: Copsa Mare, Biertan, Sighisoara,..
  • Visits to saxon villages: Malancrav, Saschiz, Viscri, ......
  • Visits to bio farms and local producers
  • Visits to local artisans
  • Visits to the village Textile Museum
  • Visit to the Szekely Land
  • Visit to the local orthodox church with its glass icons
  • Transylvanian Brunches
  • Horse riding at a local horse riding center
  • Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Cycling tours for everybody
  • Picnics in the area
  • Truffle experience
  • Sledging in the winter

Transilvanian Brunches around the valley to promote local products. The brunches are organized on the last Saturday of every month in a special location and feature a culinary theme.

Transilvania Fest, end of July:
The biggest fair of small producers of food and crafts in Transylvania with the participation of Slow Food. Every year in a different location around Transylvania.

Targul Olarilor Sibiu in Sibiu, beginning of September:
Astra Museum Annual Pottery Fair to preserve and perpetuate traditional ceramic.

Transylvanian Flea Market, Targul de la Negreni, in Negreni-Cluj Napoca, second weekend of October:
A huge open air flea market where you can buy almost everything.

Saxon Gathering (Sachsentreffen), in Biertan, 3rd weekend of September:
Saxons from all over the world gather in Biertan for three days of celebrations, dances, concerts and food tasting. More info at 0265772234.

Mayfest, Sibiu Saxon Festival, in Sibiu Dumbrava Forest, 1st May.

Szekely Pilgrimage, in Merciurea Ciuc, on Whit Sunday, March-April:
The largest traditional and religious festival of Szekely people

Sighisaora Medieval Festival, in Sighisoara, late July.

Sibiu Medieval Festival in Sibiu, late August.

Transylvania International Film Festival, in Cluj Napoca, beginning of June:
Most important International Film Festival in Romania.

Astra Film Festival, in Sibiu, end of October:
International, European, Romanian films, documentaries and more.

Sibiu Jazz Festival,in Sibiu, mid May:
One week long jazz music festival since 1970.

Sighisoara Blues Festival, in Sighisoara, beginning February.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival, in Sibiu, first week of June.

Felsziget/Peninsula Festival, in Targu Mures, late July:
Dj and rock music summer festival

A starting point from which to discover the Transylvanian villages of Biertan, Copşa Mare and Richiş.

Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania

A taste of Transylvania

Association of Ecoturism in Romania

Cultural events calendar & information

European Institute for Cultural Routes

Hosman durabil

Supporting since 1989 Transylvania’s cultural heritage





Spring is the time when Copsa begins to be noisy again. People stroll in the street and meet each other for long chats. They open their houses and windows to welcome in the fresh air. Cows and horses are finally taken out to graze again. The fields are prepared for the sowing. If you come at Easter don’t miss the midnight orthodox mass and on 1st May look around the fields where everybody is planting the corn.

Summer is the busiest time of the year, you will see plenty of horse ridden carriages stacked with hay coming back from the hills, old ladies bent over their vegetable gardens taking care of their fields and children running around. At sunset, everybody is sitting on their benches in front of their houses chatting about the day and waiting for the temperature to cool down.

When the colors of the leaves begin to change in Copsa it is time for the grapes to be collected and the corn stored for the winter. Fruit and vegetables are prepared by preserving them in water, salt and herbs. The first carriages come back from the forest with wood which will be used in the winter for heat. Onions are hung to dry on house facades and pumpkins are collected for the pigs. Colours are everywhere!

Winter is mildly cold with sporadic snowfall. The birch forest landscape is more accessible and open when snow packed. You are more likely to see deer, hare and foxes. It is silent and fascinating.

  • Local breeders

    On our way to a local farm

  • Local market in typical saxon village

    Local market in a typical saxon village

  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding around Copsa Mare

  • Cycling

    Cycling tours for everybody

  • Biertan fortified church

    Biertan, UNESCO World Heritage Monument

  • Glass window making

    Glass Icon making techniques

  • Transylvanian Handy crafts

    Handmade transylvanian carpets and textiles

  • Walking

    Many walking and trekking opportunities

  • Discovering

    Discovering the region the traditionnal way

  • The village Textile Museum

    The village Textile Museum

  • Truffle weekend

    Go truffle hunting

  • Sledging

    Sledging in the winter

So many things to enjoy along the enchanted way!